Watch Out, Watch Dog

Watch Out, Watch Dog - Delivery Service truck

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Watch Out, Watch Dog is the twenty-five episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).



Spike, a super-trained super-duper watchdog, is delivered by truck in a crate and hired to mind a department store for the night. Thinking janitors Tom & Jerry are prowlers, Spike begins a mad dash around the entire store to catch them, through escalators, in photography booths, into waterbeds, under hide-a-bed sofas, and in toy rooms. After a long stretch of chases, Spike is worn out, winding up in a baby carriage; when his bosses arrive to open up the store, Tom and Jerry help Spike by moving his arms and mimicking his voice to make his bosses think he is still on the job. They succeed and Spike thanks them for saving his job...but continues to chase them anyway!


  • The key word which is used to activate Spike, "Gazzot!," is derived from the September 15, 1973 episode of Yogi's Gang (ABC, 1973-75), "The Greedy Genie." The word "gazzot" previously appeared in Episode #80-15, "Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse," in which Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse give Spike The Galaxy Gazzot.
  • Tom and Jerry talk again!! Jerry says "Mama," and Tom says "Papa." Tom also talks for Spike, saying "guard" five times.
  • Also, Tom and Jerry make the sleeping Spike seem awake at the end in order to save his job. The music played in the background here is the same as the music in "Stay Awake or Else...," in the scene in which Jerry starts to prepare Tom for looking like he is still awake.
  • The scene of Tom, Jerry and Spike in the photo booth foreshadows T&J's harrowing experiences in Episode #80-38, "Hold That Pose."
  • Spike's ability to spin like a cyclone is based on that of The Tasmanian Devil of Warner Bros. Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies fame.
  • "Watch Out, Watch Dog" recycles marching music first used in The Flintstones, Yogi Bear and other early productions (Tom winds up and releases dozens of toy soldiers). 


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