Two Stars Are Born

Two Stars Are Born - Panic Pictures Studios

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"Two Stars Are Born" is the thirty-two episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).



At Panic Studios, a cat and mouse movie star team refuse to do the dangerous stunts in their new feature, Catman Meets Ding Dong, The Creature From Outer Space, as no stunts are stipulated in their contract, but T.J., the studio head, demands "Realism! The movie public wants to see it like it really is: action!!" So their agent Morris Williams recruits Tom and Jerry off the street to double for them in the roles of Catman & Reubin. They tolerate being sprung into the air onto an orange cart, and picked up in a Catcar by an actual outer-space creature hired by the studio to portray Ding Dong (no kidding!) and tossed asunder. But when they throw a Catrope to the roof of a building, and swing down to Ding Dong's stomach, the giant creature picks them up, carries them to the top of a skyscraper, captures a small airplane, puts Tom and Jerry into the pilot's seat, and sends the plane off like a toy glider. When Tom and Jerry realize they are free, they finally decide they have had enough and sail off in the plane, using the exhaust to write "We quit" in the sky.


  • The cat-and-mouse actors are voiced by Tom & Jerry voice John Stephenson and Don Messick, respectively.
  • Voiceover legend Daws Butler voices the agent, Morris Williams. Butler previously provided numerous voiceovers for the classic MGM Tom & Jerry cartoons in the late 1950s, including Jerry's mental voice in 1956's Blue Cat Blues.
  • Morris' greeting, "Gladasaya!," is in reference to Phil Silvers' iconic Sergeant Ernie Bilko on The Phil Silvers Show (CBS, 1955-59). 
  • "Catman & Reubin" is a lampoon of Bob Kane's Batman & Robin. A later episode, "The Supercape Caper" (80-42), will take a jibe at Superman.
  • "Ding Dong" is a variation of King Kong.
  • The name of the Panic Studio head, T.J., is an obvious reference to Tom & Jerry.
  • An unused segue involves T&J being sent over a cliff in The Catcar.
  • Here is another episode which involves a crimefighting cat-and-mouse duo; the first was #80-15, "Cosmic Cat And Meteor Mouse".


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