Tricky McTrout

80-20 TJ trying to catch trickymctrout

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"Tricky McTrout" is the thirteenth episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).



At a campsite by a lake, Tom and Jerry are awakened from a sound sleep by Tricky McTrout, a sly, wild, crafty and rather uncatchable fish! "Better fishermen than you two have tried to catch old Tricky!" reports the ranger who greets T&J. Tom & Jerry set out to succeed where scores of "better fishermen" have failed, but all of their methods backfire, usually ending with Tricky continuously getting T&J in dutch with the ranger. With a Super Hypnotic Lure, they manage to hypnotize Tricky into thinking he is a duck, a beaver, a seal, and Moby Dick the whale. A final attempt with a fish-sensing sonar device proves to be the biggest bust of them all, as Tricky uses it to his mischievous advantage; he succeeds in luring T&J, sonar device, boat and all right into the ranger station, completely demolishing it. Deciding that this is the straw that broke the ranger's back, the ranger has T&J ejected from his forest. Back home, the two discard their Super Hypnotic Lure and take a nap, when they hear water sloshing. They are surprised to find Tricky McTrout bathing in their tub, and then escaping down the drain!

Trivia & Notes

  • This episode is inspired by the 1947's Tom and Jerry cartoon "Cat Fishin'".
  • Tricky's transformation into Moby Dick could be referenced to Hanna-Barbera's previous animated adaptation of Herman Melville's creation: the 1967-69 CBS Saturday Morning series Moby Dick And The Mighty Mightor.
  • Tom has developed a not-so-unnormal habit of purring while sleeping. He does it again in #80-45, "The Campout Cutup".
  • Lennie Weinrib voices both Tricky McTrout and The Super Hypnotic Lure.
  • Number of times Tricky bugles "Charge": 4. He bugles "Reville" to wake Tom and Jerry up.


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