Toys Will Be Toys
Season No.
Ep No.

"Toys Will Be Toys" is the fourth episode of Tom & Jerry Kids written by Jim Ryan.



Tom is sleeping peacefully in a toy store when he is awoken by some snoring, which sounds like a dove cooing. After some investigating with a toy detector, he discovers Jerry sleeping on a hot water bottle, inside of a dollhouse. Tom decides to unplug Jerry's makeshift bed and Jerry is flushed out of the house. Tom then uses a toy crane to pick up Jerry and place him in the trash. Jerry retaliates by flipping his milk bowl with a spoon, and the bowl lands on top of Tom's head.

Meanwhile, Jerry sleeps on a rocking horse, but is interrupted by Tom's yo-yo with chewing gum on it. Captured, Jerry grabs a boxing glove and then whacks Tom with it in retaliation. Then in the sports section, Tom locates Jerry inside a shufflecock, and bats him back and forth with a racket. However, Jerry ends the game with him grabing a croquet mallet, whacking Tom into an accordion. Nonetheless Tom grabs the same mallet to bash Jerry into a slip-slide and then uses a fire hose to soak Jerry and the slide. Tom then slides on the slip-slide and grabs Jerry, but his victory is short lived when Tom slides into a megaphone, allowing Jerry to escape. At the baseball section, Jerry activates a pitch-o-matic machine aiming at Tom, but Tom uses a bat to counter Jerry's plan, and it works when a ball strikes Jerry, zooming him to a shoe skate. Tom gives chase on a skateboard with a baseball bat used as an oar, but Tom crashes into a billiard table. Tom quickly recovers and goes after Jerry on a pogo stick. Jerry jumps on a trampoline and lands on a high board. After a few failed attempts to grab Jerry with the pogo stick, Tom goes on the trampoline and goes too high crashing into the ceiling, but grabs Jerry

Tom then ties Jerry toy a toy train track. Tom then precedes to try and kill Jerry by driving a toy train. Jerry then tries to save himself by shooting a toy gun at balloons. Then the balloons knock down bowling pins. Then the pins make a bowling ball roll. The ball hits the see-saw, and the weights fly and make a hole in the train tracks. Just as Tom is going to kill Jerry, tom falls into the basement. Just as Jerry unties himself, Tom grabs Jerry, but the weights flatten Tom. As the chase goes on, Jerry hides inside a fuse box, and Tom unknowingly places one of his fingers in one of the outlets, electrically shocking himself and causing a blackout in the store. Tom on a whirly bird, throws a net over Jerry.

In a cage, Jerry is forced to endure a taunt of a parakeet, as Tom builds a rocket intending to send Jerry into outer space, although no wire was attached to the control, so Jerry gets out and blasts Tom out of the toy store with himself, hungry from the ordeal, and feeling bad for sending Tom in outer space, orders a pizza. Just as Jerry is about to enjoy the pizza, Tom returns by crashing the rocket and Jerry decides to make peace and share his pizza with Tom.

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