Topo talking to Tom and Jerry

Topo is an Italian mouse who befriended Tom and Jerry in the Tom and Jerry cartoon Neapolitan Mouse. He helped Tom and Jerry escape from the three dogs and he also feeds them two different treats and local delicacies.

In the ending of the episode, Topo, Jerry and Tom are chased by the three dogs. They find some big cheese wheels and throw them down a hill. The dogs trip on them, fell into the sea, and he then farewells Tom and Jerry when they're going back with the boat cruise.


Topo has grey fur, pink eyes and lips, a green shirt and a red bandana stripe.

Gender: Male

Number of times he appears in episodes: 1

Language speaking: Italian, English.

Likes: Jerry, Tom, Traveling

Dislikes: Noises, Hurting, Picking on someone