Tom and Jerry The Movie Soundtrack

Tom and Jerry: The Movie is a soundtrack album was released by MCA Records in 1992 and included both the songs and score from the film, composed by Henry Mancini.


1. "All in How Much We Give" (Stephanie Mills)
2. "Friends to the End" (Ed Gilbert, David L. Lander, Richard Kind, Dana Hill)
3. "What Do We Care (The Alley Cats' song)" (Raymond McLeod, Michael D. Moore, Scott Wojahn)
4. "God's Little Creatures" (Henry Gibson)
5. "(Money is Such) A Beautiful Word" (Charlotte Rae, Tony Jay)
6. "I Miss You (Robyn's Song)" (Anndi McAfee)
7. "I've Done It All" (Rip Taylor, Howard Morris)
8. "Theme from Tom and Jerry (Main title)"  
9. "Homeless"  
10. "We Meet Robyn"  
11. "Food Fight Polka"  
12. "Meet Dr. Applecheek"  
13. "Chase"  
14. "Escape From The Fire"  
15. "Finale (Friends to the End)"  
16. "Theme from Tom and Jerry (Pop version)"

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