This article is about the transcript of Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure.


Once upon a time,
there was an enchanted land,
called Storybook Town.
This wasn't
a make-believe place.
It was for real.
With full RV hook-ups too.
Just off old Route 33.
Or was it 66?
Anyhow, everyone loved
Storybook Town.
It had walk-through
fairy-tale sets...
-...thrill rides,
the best high-diving
cow act in three states,
and a world class
petting zoo.
The park was the lifelong
passion of Joe Bradley,
a starry-eyed dreamer,
if there ever was one.
Soon after opening
Storybook Town,
Joe found a partner
to share his dream...
His loving wife Violet.
And it wasn't long before
they were joined by their
greatest dream of all...
Their son Jack.
For a long time
all was right with the world.
But life has a way
of moving on.
And sometimes the dreamers
leave us
all too soon.
Violet and Jack did their best
to keep Joe's dream alive.
But it was a big job
for just the two of them.
Once the crowds
stopped coming,
there wasn't money
to repair old attractions
or broken-down rides.
And soon the petting zoo
was down to its
last two critters
a cat named Tom
and a mouse named Jerry.
Oh, no! Not again.
Come here, knuckleheads.
What happened?
Thought so.
Mom and I are trying
to save Storybook Town.
We don't need you guys
wrecking what's left.
Now look,
we're pals, right, Tom?
And, Jerry, you and me
are friends to the end, right?
So maybe you could try
to get along with each other,
just for me?
That's better.
I think.
All right, let's get
this mess
cleaned up
before Mom flips out.
You okay, Hermione?
I don't want anything
happening to our
star attraction.
Okay, only attraction.
Maybe we'll have lots
of customers today.
Okay... One customer.
Hey, we got one!
Tom, Jerry, it's show time.
Mom! Mom! We have customers.
Customers? How exciting!
I will dust off the corn dogs.
-Excuse me, Mom.
-Oh, dear!
That's not a customer.
This won't take long.
Keep the motor running'.
Welcome to Storybook Town.
The enchanted land
where dreams come true,
if you believe.
Eh... Okay.
I'm looking for
the Widow Bradley.
You mean my mother?
Ouch! Uh, yeah.
So where is she?
But right now,
you're just in time
for our big show.
We still got a few seats
right in front.
Okay, no! I don't have
time for this.
Ladies and gentlemen...
Storybook Town
is proud to
our star attraction!
JACK: Hey diddle diddle,
the cat plays the fiddle
the little mouse
toots a tune.
Now let's applaud for Hermione
the cow who jumps
over the moon.
What's wrong?
Oh, no! You stall Hermione,
I'll fill the tank.
Come on!
Oh, that ain't good!
All part of the act, sir.
What do you do
for an encore, kid?
Blow up the park?
Wait, that's my job.
Oh, I didn't expect you
till tomorrow Mr. Bigley
I know, Mrs. Bradley.
But why delay the inevitable?
I still have an entire day
to raise the mortgage money.
Yeah, that's...
Not gonna happen.
What's he talking about?
Jack, this is Mr. Bigley...
Of Bigley's Super Strip Malls.
Acres of big inventory,
big values and big profits.
My malls are everywhere.
And tomorrow one goes up...
Right here.
You can't do that.
My dad started Storybook Town.
It's part of our
family forever.
That's touching.
But business
is business, kiddo.
And as you can see,
I bought the mortgage
on Storybook Town.
If you miss even one payment,
the park goes to me
and you guys are kissing
hitting the bricks,
O-U-T, out!
We can't give up, Mom.
I know things will
turn around
if we can
just last another month.
Ticky-tock, kid.
You don't have another month.
The wrecking crew arrives
tomorrow morning'.
Yup, come 9:00 a.m.,
Storybook Town is going down.
Hey, rhyme!
Catch you later.
Now, nobody panic.
I've already made arrangements
to sell Hermione
to the Dingle Brothers Circus.
That'll give us enough money
to keep going a little longer.
Sell Hermione?
She's our friend.
Jack, I believe Hermione will
love being a circus star.
And you remember
Daddy's motto...
"Dreams come true
if you believe."
I believe.
Well, I'd better get Hermione
over to the fairgrounds.
No, Mom. We'll take her.
Are you sure?
It's a big job
for a little boy.
We want to say goodbye.
Come on, Jer.
Cheer up, old pouting Thomas.
We'll all get through
this mess. I promise.
This can't be right.
The circus always
sets up here.
Oh, no, they're leaving!
We got to stop 'em.
MAN: It appears you boys
are in a heap of trouble.
My name is O'Dell.
Farmer O'Dell.
I've got a spread on
the edge of the prairie
up yonder.
That's a mighty fine
looking heifer you got there.
I can tell she gives
tasty cheese
and grade A milk.
Well, she might be for sale
if we had the right offer.
I think she'd like
my place just fine.
Are you a magician?
I know a trick or two,
but I ain't no wizard.
If I was I could offer you
more than these for your cow.
-Magic beans.
Magic beans?
Okay, I think we're done here.
Just keep walking.
Don't make eye contact
with the crazy man.
Don't look like much
but they'll do miracles,
if you believe.
You traded our cow for beans?
Uh, magic beans.
It sounded better when
the farmer said it.
Jack, this isn't one of our
bedtime fairy tales.
Storybook Town needed
that money to stay
in business.
We needed it to save our home.
Your father's dream.
-I know, Mom, but...
Why didn't you talk
him out of it?
I'm sorry, sweetie.
It's my fault.
I should've never sent a boy
to do a man's job.
I didn't think
I could feel worse.
Even if the circus
had bought Hermione,
it would take more
than one mortgage
payment to save our home.
It would take a miracle.
I'm not exactly sure how
this is supposed to work.
Maybe we'll just get
a big crop of beans.
Well, at least we'll have
something to eat after
Mr. Bigley throws us out.
The important thing is
we all still believe, right?
Sweet dreams,
my little dreamer.
Huh? Huh?
Tom, Jerry, up here!
It's Storybook Town,
It's for real!
Gotcha, suckers!
Must be a bad egg!
Welcome, welcome, welcome.
Welcome to Fairyland,
where dreams come true.
Ahoy, maties!
Welcome to Fairyland.
Wow! He's much
bigger in person.
Hey, that's the old lady
that lived in the shoe.
-Hey, Peter.
-Howdy, stranger.
Give my regards to the missus.
Excuse me Miss Peep...
I mean, Miss Bo.
I mean, Miss Bo Peep.
Presenting the ruler
of Fairyland,
Old King Cole!
I'm a merry old soul
and a merry old soul is me.
Greetings, Mother Hubbard.
And hello, Miss Peep.
You are looking lovely today.
Pies, fresh pies!
Get 'em piping hot!
Look! Simple Simon met
a pieman going to the fair.
Said Simple Simon
to the pieman...
Let me taste your ware.
And what kind of ware
would that be, chum?
Hey, I got it!
Now, look, I only wanted
one little wedge of pie.
One wedgie coming up!
Whoa... Whoa!
Another satisfied customer.
Ooh! Fresh victims.
Uh... I mean,
hungry strangers.
Hot apple pie,
a steal at only
Now, now,
that's not very neighbourly.
Feed our guests.
But, Sire,
the moolah ain't for me.
You know my overhead
is ginormous.
What's that?
My overhead!
Matter of fact,
he's over everyone's head.
Run! Scram! Vamoose!
Pies! Close out sale! Pies!
bring out your gold,
'cause here I come.
And a happy fee-fi to you,
Mr. Ginormous, sir.
Well, Your Highness...
What insanely valuable
tribute are you going
to pay to me today?
Diamonds? Emeralds?
Oh, royal treasurer.
We got something extra special
for you today, Mr. G.
-A whole cart full of big...
-Yes? Yes?
It's the first pick
of the season.
Ripe and sweet and...
Now get this.
I don't eat pumpkins.
I eat peasants
who bring me pumpkins.
But Mr. Ginormous, sir,
we've already given
you all our valuables.
That's true.
All we have left are pumpkins.
Nice view.
Listen, Kingy,
if you want to keep
your subjects happy,
you got to start with
the biggest one.
So pay attention, deadpan,
let me show you how it's done.
Oh, that awful giant's back.
-Stop it.
-'Sup, Red? Looking good.
I order you to leave
these people alone.
Oh, you got it
all wrong, sweets.
They're happy to share
their goodies with me.
Happy, happy.
-Are you okay?
-I think so.
Thank you, strangers.
I'm the town's protector
and resident Good Fairy.
Though lately I haven't been
doing a very good job.
Can't you just zap
that big bully?
I could, if Ginormous hadn't
stolen my magic harp!
What little power
I have left...
Isn't enough to stop him.
There's got to be a way
to get your harp back.
O'DELL: Oh, it won't be easy!
-Farmer O'Dell?
-Actually, I'm the farmer
in the dell.
Like in the nursery rhyme?
I live here too.
Ginormous has been making life
hard on us for a long time!
Besides the Red Fairy's
magic harp,
he stole my king-size
Golden Goose...
All the townsfolk's valuables.
Our entire life savings!
-In bones, that is.
And he still shows up
every day to pick us clean.
An ancient prophecy said that
a giant would one day
menace Fairyland
and that a great hero,
named Jack
would appear to defeat him.
Hey, that's the old story
Jack and the Beanstalk.
It may be an old story
to you, chum,
but it's breaking news to us!
Wait, you mean I'm the Jack,
destined to fight the giant?
-ALL: Jack?
-He's here?
ALL: Jack?
Yes, Jack, you
and youre brave friends.
Look, guys, I'm just a kid
from a rundown amusement park.
You need... I don't know...
Someone bigger, stronger.
You need a hero.
What we need is someone
who believes in himself.
Well, in that case,
I believe we can try.
We can't go inside, Jack.
The giant knows
us all by smell.
We have an inside man
ready to help.
You won't be going
in alone, kid.
Tex sent me.
Don't be scared, Tom.
You'll like Tuffy.
He's a mouse like Jerry.
Aw, hello there,
little tiny kitty cat.
Hush now.
We don't want
the giant to hear.
Tuffy, these brave heroes
are helping us
get my magic harp back.
Would you guide them
to the treasure room?
Would I?
It's about time
someone took
old Ginasty
down a peg.
MAN: We'll never see
those chumps again.
What are you doing here?
We thought we'd spare you
the trip into town tomorrow.
So you brought my tribute
a day early.
Huh? Where's the loot?
Since the villagers don't have
any valuables left,
they thought
they'd bring their...
Their uh... Talents!
Our whatsits?
Hey! Must have got that mouse.
Hey, big guy, here's the deal.
They're offering
to put on a show!
For your dining pleasure.
And there's no cover charge.
Okay, if I like your acts,
you live.
If not, I'll grind your bones
to make my bread.
Running fast again.
This show better be good.
Start the show!
A recitation by
the farmer in the dell.
Well, it's been
a quiet week in Fairyland
my home town,
just off the beanstalk,
at the edge of the clouds.
This time of year,
there's lots of frost
on the pumpkin.
Cinderella's been having
a hard time scraping
the ice off her coach.
This cold weather's been
wreaking havoc on
Old Mother Hubbard.
Old Woman in the shoe is
having to lace it up tight.
Of course, the three pigs
are laying in extra
firewood for winter.
Once it turns cold,
those hungry wolves just keep
on dropping down the chimney.
-Screwy, you're on!
-Oh, wait! I have no talent!
Mmm! Tasty!
Thirty-six right.
Whoa! Whoa!
Thirty-six right!
Twenty-four left.
Twenty-four left.
Thirty-five right.
-Thirty-five right!
Thank you, thank you.
I would like to perform
the world's fastest
card trick.
Want to see it again?
This better improve!
JACK: That's a lot of loot!
So, Tyke, you're
in the first grade now.
How do you like school?
That's a killer.
-Ze magic harp.
Say, I hear there's a cat
next door with no nose.
How does he smell?
Stop playing around!
You better hold on
to this, huh?
That must be the farmer's
golden goose!
Hup, ho!
Hurry up, Jack!
Think you can crack it, Jerry?
You're welcome.
Now hurry.
Get out of here
before the giant comes!
For us?
She will even give you
and your friends
a ride out of ze castle.
Benny and I have worked
up a medley
of Broadway favourites!
That's it!
Now where did I put
that bone grinder?
It's around here somewhere.
-I'll find it!
-Oh, Mr. Giant?
I have a song
I'd like to sing.
An act with possibilities.
Good night now.
What? Hmm...
Oh, dear!
I smell a boy,
a mouse and a cat.
So you're the famous Jack.
Here after all this time,
to slay
the bad old giant
and take his treasure.
You stole that
treasure from them!
What are you gonna
do about it, peewee?
Wanna fight me for it?
Well, come on, tough guy,
let's see what you got!
How about this?
Still wanna fight, peewee?
Now, take it easy.
Stay away from me!
The bigger they are,
the harder they bawl.
Stop it, Tom!
He's had enough!
Oh, no! You broke
the shrinking string!
Oh, no, you don't.
Head for the beanstalk!
I'll smash you! Come back!
Come on!
I hate pumpkins!
There she blows!
Catch this, you big bully!
Red! Catch!
Beanstalk by my magic grow,
bind Ginormous head to toe!
You'll suffer for this!
Hurry. Those vines
won't hold him long.
About the egg...
Take it, Jack,
with our thanks.
Ah, come on!
You'd have kissed her too!
Bye! Thanks!
ALL: Bye!
I'll get you, Jack!
No one steals my gold!
Wicked giant, I do banish,
strum this harp
and you shall vanish!
Are you going to shape up
or am I going to start baking
some bread around here?
-Hey, Ginormous.
You want the egg?
Come and get it.
How dare you try
to steal my egg?
I'm coming for you, boy.
Here kitty, kitty, kitty!
Ginormous, if you let Tom go,
I won't chop down
this beanstalk.
Don't threaten me, boy!
I know where
you come from, Jack!
-Just scurry along home.
If you cross me,
I'll grind your bones.
I'll make some cat bread,
and maybe some cute
little mouse bread too.
I'll grind the bones
of everyone you
ever cared about, Jack.
Let's do it!
Tom, dragon-coaster drop!
Tom, let go of the egg!
Yeah! Whoo-hoo!
We did it.
Magic harp, final tone,
guide these heroes
safely home!
Whoa, guys,
I just had the craziest dream.
-You too?
somebody's getting sued.
Mr. Bigley?
I wanted to get an early start
on the demolition.
Only you left something
in your parking lot
that jacked up my car.
That'll cost you.
That looks like...
It is.
Solid gold!
There's gold
on my property.
Your property, Mr. Bigley?
Says here that you can't take
ownership until 9:00 a.m.,
and never if we pay off
the mortgage.
Oh, we still have
five minutes.
Allow us to present you
with this lump of pure gold.
It'll pay off the mortgage
and cover the damage
to your car.
And the doctor bill
for your foot.
Jack, honey, what's going on?
Mom, you know how
Dad always said,
-"Dreams come true
if you believe."
Well, we planted those beans
and you'll never guess
what happened.
You can probably
guess the rest.
Jack and his mom saved
Storybook Town
and made it bigger
and better than ever.
You know the place,
just off old Route 66,
or is it 33?
-And as for Tom and Jerry...
Well, they went
right back to being
Tom and Jerry.
But that, folks,
is another story.

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