Clint Clobber
Species Human
Sex Unknown
First appearance Unknown
Voiced by Allen Swift
Friends Jerry Mouse (does not see or know of)
Enemies/Rivals Tom Cat
Relatives Unknown
Skin Colour White
Loses/Defeated in Sorry Safari
Wins/Triumphs Down and Outing, High Steaks
Tom's owner is a character who appeared solely in the Gene Deitch era (1961–62) of Tom and Jerry shorts, serving as Tom's owner. He was voiced by Allen Swift.




He is a corpulent, evil, middle-aged man with severe temper problems, often going red in the face when angered. He was much more brutal in punishing Tom's mistakes when compared to Mammy Two Shoes: beating and thrashing Tom repeatedly, searing his face with a grill, forcing him to drink an entire carbonated beverage, slamming his fingers with a lunchbox lid and even wrapping a shotgun over his head and firing it.

He also often ties Tom up in order to keep him out of trouble. He often smiles maliciously after punishing Tom. When he doesn't have problems, he acts as normal person and looks happily. He often sings a tunes for himself when he is calm and happy.

He played different roles in the shorts he appeared in as a fisherman in Down and Outing, as a chef in High Steaks, and as a hunter in Sorry Safari.

Behind the scenes

He bears a slight resemblance to Clint Clobber, one of Gene Deitch's original characters who appeared in Terrytoons shorts from 1957 to 1959. It was rumored that the two characters were the same in which all fans keep calling him "Clint Clobber", because he was an unnamed character. According to Deitch, however, these similarities are coincidental.

He was very unpopular among fans of the series, as he was shown to be very brutal to Tom for his actions, sometimes bordering on animal cruelty.

It is possibly confirmed that he is in fact Rick from the future The Tom and Jerry Show.

He is, by far, the most evil of all Tom's owners.