Tom and Jerry's house in Tom and Jerry movie

Tom's owner's house is the original house of where Tom and his owner lived. Then was demolished for a building called High Rise Luxury Apartments. It is only seen in the film Tom and Jerry: The Movie.


Tom and Jerry: The Movie

The house was first seen in the beginning of the film. Tom's owner was going to move to a new house and orders the moving man not forget the lap seat and calls Tom who is still sleeping that they're ready to leave, Jerry follows them. Tom sees this and chases him back to the house and blocks his mouse hole preventing him from from going out. As Tom steps out of the house, noticing his owner has already left and chases her. But Tom bumps into a bulldog preventing Tom from reaching her and makes a run back to the house. Tom tries to get to the backdoor but the bulldog stops him, he then gets to the front door only the bulldog already there and goes to the window but he is already there. Later night Tom takes an old pillow out of a box of junk and uses it to get some sleep. The next day a demolition crew arrive scaring the bulldog away who is sleeping in the front door and realizing they were going to destroy the house. The demolition crew were planning to demolish the house for a new building called High Rise Luxury Apartments. Tom and Jerry (who was freed by Tom) narrowly escaped the destruction leaving them both homeless in the process and leading to them to meet Puggsy and Frankie DaFlea in the alley nearby. 

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