Tiny Bulldog
Tiny Bulldog in Tom-ic Energy
Species Dog
Sex Male
First appearance Much Ado About Mousing
Voiced by Unknown
Friends Jerry Mouse
Enemies/Rivals Tom Cat
Relatives Unknown
Skin Colour Tope
Loses/Defeated in Tom-ic Energy
Wins/Triumphs Much Ado About Mousing
Purr-Chance to Dream
The Cat's Me-Ouch!

The Tiny Bulldog is a character in Tom and Jerry.


This nameless mouse-sized bulldog, designed similarly to Spike the Bulldog, He was shown in Much Ado About Mousing and Tom-ic Energy as a big dog and Cat's Me-Ouch! and Purr-Chance to Dream. His role is similar to Spike in cartoons such as The Bodyguard, Fit To Be Tied, which is to defend Jerry against Tom. He looks and personality that is similar to Spike. Unlike Spike and Tyke he has a big bite (similar to those of Looney Tunes' Tasmanian Devil).