The Year of the Mouse

The Year of the Mouse Title Screen

Directed By
Chuck Jones
Produced by
Chuck Jones
Story By
Michael Maltese
Chuck Jones
Music By
Eugene Poddany
Animation By
Dick Thompson
Ben Washam
Ken Harris
Don Towsley
Distributed By
Release Date
August 30, 1965
Color Process
Preceded By
Followed By

The Year of the Mouse is a Tom and Jerry 1965 cartoon directed and produced by Chuck Jones.


Whilst Tom is sleeping, Jerry and an unnamed grey mouse are on the top of a chimney, both giggling together about the tricks they're going to play on Tom. The grey mouse uses a fishing line to lower Jerry to the bottom of the chimney. Jerry hits Tom with a fly swatter, leaving it in Tom's hand, and the grey mouse quickly reels him back up the chimney, making Tom believe that he attacked himself in his sleep, similar to the plot of Gas Light.

They play several more tricks on Tom with a revolver, rope, knife and ketchup. Finally Jerry positions an archery bow on both ends of Tom and tugs on the string. Tom wakes up and stretches, but this activates the bow. Tom sits up, confused, and is then shot into the plumbing, and into the furnace. Tom yells and launches himself out of the furnace, up the water pipe, and down the chimney as the two mice look on. However, Tom spots them and has had enough of their tricks. He points a revolver at Jerry and the grey mouse.

Later, Jerry and the grey mouse are trapped in a bottle. If they remove the cork, they will be shot by the revolver, with the trigger pulled by a yarn. The two just sit angrily as Tom takes a quiet nap, using his tail to hold a fan.


  • This episode is almost similar to the Warner Bros. cartoon Mouse Wreckers (1949).
  • This is one of the very few short films where Tom wins.

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