The Witch is a character from Tom and Jerry.


The Witch (voiced by June Foray) appeared in the short The Flying Sorceress. Tom saw an ad in a newspaper about an elderly lady wanting a traveling companion. So Tom went to the house to apply, only to find out that the house was scary and the elderly lady turned out to be the afforementioned character. Later, Tom stole the witch's broom for a joyride. The Witch was so angry that she cast a spell on the broom, causing it to go wild. Later Tom woke up and found himself back at Joan's house. It was all a dream. Or was it?

The Witch
TomAndJerry TheFlyingSorceress
Species Human
Gender Female
Debut appearance The Flying Sorceress
Voiced by June Foray
Friends Tom Cat
Enemies/Rivals Jerry Mouse
Relatives A Black Cat
Skin Colour Green
Loses/Defeated in none
Wins/Triumphs 15

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