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The Truce Hurts
Directed by
Produced by
Story by
William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Music by
Animation by
Distributed by
Release date
July 17, 1948
Color process
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The Truce Hurts is a 1948 one-reel animated cartoon and is the 35th Tom and Jerry short. It was produced in Technicolor and released to theatres on July 17, 1948 by Metro-Goldwyn Mayer.


Jerry is chased off the house by Tom and Spike. The mouse gets a pipe, the cat gets a pan and the dog gets a baseball bat. They start to fight about, but Spike all of a sudden stops it. He questions, "What's all this fighting getting in us, huh? Cats can get along dogs, can't they? And mice can get along with cats, can't they?" The three characters become friends in future, they sign a peace treaty in the house. Then Spike prepares breakfast for himself and his pals whilist he sees Tom helping Jerry brush his teeth. Tom puts Jerry on a stack of books on a chair, as Spike pours milk into bottles for them and himself to drink. Before they drink milk in a bottle each the dog picks a ruler to measure the amount of milk in each cup. Tom, Jerry and Spike take a nap after this, sharing a blanket, and a flower then falls from a tree near the house and that goes into Tom's mouth. 

When the episode fades to another scene, while Jerry is taking a stroll outside, an alley cat who happens to be scourging for food in trash cans, spots him and decides that he will make a delightful appetizer. Fortunately, Tom, who is nearby, immediately rushes to Jerry's rescue and subdues the black alley cat by slamming a trash can lid into his face, as if to say, "Get your mangy paws off of my little pal!" Then Tom brushes Jerry as if to say, "Are you okay, Jerry? Did he hurt you?" and kisses the little mouse on the cheek before sending him off, which leaves the alley cat looking on and screams terrifyingly.

Tom is soon walking along the sidewalk where a dog is gnawing on a bone. He decides to make a meal out of Tom when he sees him, but Spike screams like a man and makes the save just in time by punching the dog and knocking out a mouth full of teeth. And the delivery meat was near Tom, Jerry, and Spike. They saw the strongest steak out of the truck, and they decided to eat it so they draw lines on it each with a chalk and later Tom pulled the steak like accident. It is why the steak flies out of the house breaking the window like birds and lands in a stream. Anguished by what happened, Tom, Jerry and Spike realise all of them no longer can be good pals. Spike shreds the peace treaty and then runs to the outside of the house, picking the baseball bat again up, while once again Tom picks up the pan and Jerry takes the pipe up one more time to resume their fight of getting each other to be beaten.




The censored scene in The Truce Hurts

The scene where the meat truck splatters mud all over Tom, Jerry and Spike, leaving them in blackface, is edited out on versions shown on Cartoon Network and the iTunes Store digital download.

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