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This article is about the 2014 series. For the 1975 series, please see The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).

The Tom and Jerry Show is a 2014 series based on Tom and Jerry. The show made it's worldwide debut on TELETOON on March 1st, 2014, and aired on April 9th, 2014 on Cartoon Network USA. It also premiered April 7, 2014 on Cartoon Network Latin America.


Voice Cast in Alphabetical Order

  • Charlie Adler as Polly's Owner
  • Jason Alexander as Rick
  • Eric Bauza as Skunk
  • Gary Cole as Narrator (Detective Stories)
  • Joey D'Auria as Butch, Meathelda
  • Grey Delisle-Griffin as Ginger
  • Robin Atkin Downes as Narrator, Large Marvin
  • Nika Futterman as Polly
  • Simon Helberg as Napoleon
  • Tom Kenny as Detective, Toms Fourth, Fifth, and Eighth Life, Dr. Bigby, Hamster, Milfred, Percy, Ronnie
  • Sam Kwasman as Little Quacker
  • Phil Lollar as German Shepherd, Monkey
  • Rachael MacFarlane as Hilde, Mummy
  • Dave B. Mitchell as Tom's Second, Third and Sixth Life, Petey, Spellbook
  • Rene Mujica as Newt, Bear, Tom's Seventh and Ninth Life
  • Alicyn Packard as Toodles, Madame Beta, Matalyn, Dove
  • Chris Parnell as Narrator
  • Kath Soucie as Tuffy, Cozette, Gigi
  • Cree Summer as Beatie
  • Kari Wahlgren as Toots
  • Julie Wither as Bunny
  • Rick Zieff as Spike, Barkley, Santa, Skid


  • The show has the same name as The Tom and Jerry Show from 1975.
  • Tom's screams and the sound effects of Tom and sometimes Jerry in the episodes are like from the original "Tom and Jerry" cartoons. And that's the reason why Tom and Jerry doesn't have voice actors.
  • In this show, Jerry is no longer Spike's Friend anymore probably because Spike finally notices it was Jerry, who was really responsible for bothering his son, stealing his bones and getting bothered and injured. (As seen in "Birthday Bashed" and some episodes as well.)
  • In this show, Tom is still enemies with Jerry, Spike, Tyke, Tuffy and Quacker.
  • In this show, Tom and Butch are sometimes enemies.


  1. Spike Gets Skooled / Cats-Ruffled Furniture (Airdate: April 9th, 2014)
  2. Sleep Disorder / Tom's In-Tents Adventure (Airdate: April 16th, 2014)
  3. Birthday Bashed / Feline Fatale (Airdate: April 23rd, 2014)
  4. Cat Nippy / Ghosts of a Chance (Airdate: April 30th, 2014)
  5. Holed-Up / One of a Kind (Airdate: May 14th, 2014)
  6. Belly Achin' / Dog Daze (Airdate: May 21st, 2014)  
  7. Birds of a Feather / Vampire Mouse (Airdate: July 7th, 2014)
  8. Entering and Breaking / Franken Kitty (Airdate: July 8th, 2014)
  9. Haunted MouseTom Foolery  (Airdate: July 9th, 2014) 
  10. Here's Lookin' A-Choo, Kid / Superfied (Airdate: July 10th, 2014)
  11. What a Pain! / Hop To It (Airdate: July 11th, 2014)
  12. For the Love of Ruggles / Sleuth or Consequences (Airdate: July 14th, 2014)
  13. Dinner is Swerved / Bottled Up Emotions (Airdate: July 15th, 2014)
  14. Turn About / The Plight Before Christmas (Airdate: July 16th, 2014)
  15. Tuffy Love / Poof! (Airdate: July 17th, 2014)
  16. Top Cat / Mummy Dearest (Airdate: July 21st, 2014)
  17. Domestic Kingdom / Molecular Break Up (Airdate: July 22nd, 2014)
  18. Just Plane Nuts / Pets Not Welcome (Airdate: July 23rd, 2014)
  19. Cruisin' for a Bruisin' / Road Trippin' (Airdate: July 24th, 2014)
  20. Magic Mirror / Bone Dry (Airdate: July 25th, 2014)
  21. My Bot-Y Guard / Little Quacker and Mister Fuzzy Hide (Airdate: July 28th, 2014)
  22. Pipeline / No Pain, No Gain (Airdate: July 29th, 2014)
  23. Cat Napped / Black Cat (Airdate: July 30th, 2014)
  24. Hunger Strikes / Gravi-Tom (Airdate: July 31st, 2014)
  25. Ghost Party / Cat-Astrophe (Airdate: August 1st, 2014)



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