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"The Supercape Caper" is the thirty-six episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).



Super hero Supercape has lost his courage and hides in his apartment building while the peaceful populace is plundered and pillaged by dastardly archcriminals The Mustache, Hi-C The Robber Baritone, The Bowler and the 300-lb. Fatwoman! When Tom and Jerry, delivery boys for Pete's Tailor Shop, accidentally save Supercape's life by felling The Bowler with his own insidious bowling ball, he makes them deputy Supercapes. Supercape alerts Joe Madurndurn, Chief of Police, that he is back in action; delighted, Chief Madurndurn provides SC a series of crimes to fight. Supercape deputies Tom & Jerry follow SC around, stepping in to save the day when the hero gets cold feet (literally!), and it pays off: Hi-C sustains laryngitis, and The Mustache is caught in the act, unwittingly defacing the actual face of a cop! Finally Supercape declares that their help has cured his cowardice and that he now fears no man. But The Fatwoman appears and he takes off in terror, handing his job over to Tom and Jerry. The cat and mouse take up crime fighting, while Supercape goes to work for Pete's Tailor Shop.


  • The first lines of this cartoon, intoned by narrator John Stephenson, are, "This is the sooty...uh, city!" This is in reference to the crime drama Dragnet; Stephenson narrated the 1967-70 NBC incarnation of the classic television series, in which he uttered the words "Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to see is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent."
  • This is the third New Tom & Jerry cartoon to deal with a super heroic theme, following Episode #80-15, "Cosmic Cat And Meteor Mouse," and #80-29, "Two Stars Are Born."
  • Supercape's true identity is Stanley Carter; his apartment number is 10-C.
  • Tom speaks, singing, "Ta-ta-ta-taaah!".
  • Notice The Fatwoman is the only archenemy not apprehended. Either she made a clean getaway or Supercape deputies Tom & Jerry nabbed her off-screen.
  • The presence of The Bowler in "The Supercape Caper" recalls incidents in Episode #80-11, "The Super Bowler."
  • Only The Bowler and The Fatwoman are wearing masks.
  • Supercape's 2-way radio bracelet is based loosely on the two-way wrist TV employed for use by Dick Tracy.
  • "The Supercape Caper" recycles underscore first used in Where's Huddles and Harlem Globetrotters (Supercape on the phone in the beginning of the episode).


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