The Sorcerer's Apprentices
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"The Sorcerer's Apprentices" is the thirty-fourth episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).



It's time for The Once-A-Century Magician's Convention at Sapstone the Sorcerer's castle, and Sapstone's magic prop room is in complete chaos. Dissatisfied and fed up with Manfred, his sloth of a canine apprentice, he "zaps" Tom and Jerry off the street and into his service, duplicates his dog times 7 over and has them chase each other's tails. Sapstone then puts T&J to work cleaning his magic room while he naps. The age-old feud between T&J resume briefly when they find Sapstone's magic wand and use it on each other; Manfred resents his replacements and, catching his tail, breaks Manfred's spell and challenges the cat-and-mouse duo to a three-way magic wand duel with them. The cat, mouse and dog turn each other into bugs, lions and monkeys and make an even bigger mess of Sapstone's room. When the sorcerer discovers the damage, he threatens the three troublemakers with his most diabolical spell, but Tom uses his magic wand to turn back the clock, and as Sapstone repeats his earlier welcome to the new apprentices, Tom and Jerry fly away to safety on a magic carpet, scarfing down newly-conjured-up ice cream cones.


  • This recalls Mickey Mouse's performance in the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" sequence of Disney's Fantasia (RKO Radio Pictures, 1940).
  • Tom's transformation into a lion references Jerry and the Lion (1950) and Episode #80-23, "The Hypochondriac Lion."
  • When Manfred transforms Tom & Jerry into boxers, notice that their hair, gloves, trunks and shoes match their respective fur colors (Jerry, brown, Tom, grey).
  • When T&J are changed into mice (despite Jerry himself already being a mouse!), they both share the same fur color: grey.
  • We learn that Sapstone The Sorcerer sleeps on a fakir's bed (of spikes!).
  • Manfred is the latest in canines Tom & Jerry run afoul of other than Spike, preceded by wolfhounds in "Robin Ho Ho," a hound which has been chasing a seemingly "nervous" fox in "The Outfoxed Fox", and Houndmutt in "Beanstalk Buddies," and followed by The Great One and an assortment of green intergalactic mutts on the "Planet Of The Dogs."