The Ski Bunny

80-02 ski bunny and jerry

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"The Ski Bunny" is the second episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (1975) and the first episode in the series featuring Spike.



In the Swiss Alps, Tom, Jerry and Spike enjoy a leisure day of skiing. Tom is executing his lates moves on his skis when suddenly he catches glimpse of Jerry with a female feline ski buff...causing him to fall head over heels in love! Tom then competes with Jerry for her affections, but proves to be very unsuccessful in these endeavours; oftentimes running into and getting in trouble with Spike. When Tom and Jerry both find the ski bunny has hooked up with Spike, they combine forces and attempt to foil the bulldog with a snowball...which unfortunately backfires.

Trivia & Notes

  • A scene from this episode featuring Tom & Jerry, in snow gear, being dumped on by a blanket of snow (falling from the roof of the lodge they're standing in front of) is seen in the show's syndicated opening credits.
  • Tom's penchant for falling head over heels in love with the ladies is no surprise. You devout classic T&J buffs will notice he's done it many times before in several classic T&J theatricals as Puss N' Toots (1942), Casanova Cat (1951), and Blue Cat Blues (1956).
  • The gimmick of Tom opening the door on Jerry and inhaling deeply of the fresh air is borrowed from Salt Water Tabby (1947).
  • The "ski bunny" seen here closely resembles that of Tom's kitten girlfriend in 1956's Muscle Beach Tom. Voiced by Janet Waldo, she speaks the only lines of dialogue throughout this entire cartoon.
  • Spike (in his first appearance on the show) was originally not to be a featured participant in "The Ski Bunny".
  • John Stephenson provides the huffing and puffing Spike makes when he skis. He is the first of 3 voice actors to voice the bulldog, the other two are Don Messick and Joe E. Ross.
  • Some of the "love" underscore first heard here was later recycled for the syndicated October 1985 special Pound Puppies (a.k.a. City Pound), which of course gave rise to Hanna-Barbera's 1986-88 ABC Saturday Morning series of the same name.


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