The Outfoxed Fox

The Outfoxed Fox - Fox running

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"The Outfoxed Fox" is the twenty-eight episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).



A fox, claiming himself to be chronically nervous, tries to get Tom and Jerry to give him food and shelter from a hound which has been chasing him. As the fox hides out under the table, in a drawer, and in the bathtub, the hound, with an arsenal of disguises (including a plumber and a vacuum cleaner salesman), enter T&J's home and tries but fails to nab his elusive quarry. It isn't long before the pushover fox's welcome is well worn out in Tom & Jerry humble abode, and the two immediately put a stop to it. The fox, in retaliation, grabs a box, stuffs it with half the food from their refrigerator, and leaves...and rejoins the hound, who is really his partner-in-crime! It turns out the two are con artists extraordinaire, and have been using the fox hunt routine as an act. But our ever efficient Tom & Jerry, ready with rod and reel, manages to outfox the fox and the hound by reeling the box of victuals back into their home!


  • The fox says to Tom and Jerry, "You're right. A hot bath will relax my nerves." Obviously, Tom and Jerry talked to the fox off camera.
  • Lenny Weinrib voices the fox, in a manner which imitates the late Paul Lynde (1926-82). He provided similar vocalizations for the title character in "Robin Ho-Ho."
  • "The Outfoxed Fox" borrows a bit from Baby Butch (1954).


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