The Million Dollar Cat


Directed by
Produced by
Story by
William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Music by
Animation by
Distributed by
Metro-Goldwyn Mayer
Release date
May 6, 1944
Color process
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Million Dollar Cat poster


The Million Dollar Cat is a 1944 Tom and Jerry cartoon.



While Tom is throwing darts at an apple on Jerry's head (he even throws one between his legs while blindfolded), a telegram arrives. Though it is meant for his owner, Tom reads it himself and sees that it says, "Madam...In accord with the wishes of your eccentric Aunt Harriet your cat Thomas has been left the sum of one million dollars". Tom initially shrugs this off but quickly realises that this is something that makes him very happy. Jerry also reads the letter and gets just as happy as Tom which confuses him. Tom quickly learns why after reading the telegram again, because the telegram also states "Terms of will specify that all benefits cease immediately should the cat bring harm to any living thing...EVEN A MOUSE". The next day, news of Tom's inheritance quickly spreads (with the headlines saying things like "Feline Inherits Fortune", "Rich Cat Bathes in Cream", "Cat Crashes Society" and "Moves to  Park Ave!") and he moves into 1 Park Avenue. Although he, at first, enjoys the attention and wealth he is given, Jerry decides to use the telegram's "EVEN A MOUSE" rule against Tom by moving to 1/2 Park Avenue. He then continually follows Tom, despite the cat's best attempts to get rid of him and proceeds to blackmail To, through various means, including slapping Tom's dickey in his face, assaulting him in his limousine, eating his sundae, and even throwing him out of bed while he was still asleep. The next morning, after Jerry steals his bathroom towel, Tom decides to get rid of Jerry in a method that would not violate the contract. After a few ideas, he eventually decides on hanging a FIRE EXIT sign on the window. He starts a fire in front of the bathroom door, and Jerry promptly jumps out the window. The cat cheers before sitting down to enjoy his breakfast, when he grabs his napkin, however, he uncovers Jerry, who posts the telegram on the table and eats Tom's breakfast. As a final insult, he attacks Tom yet again with the rest of the breakfast material, reminding him that as long as the "EVEN A MOUSE" rule stands, he can do anything and also slaps Tom's dickey in his face. This proves to be the final straw: Tom has had enough, he snaps, and the shocked Jerry realises that he has pushed Tom too far. Tom grabs the telegram, rips it into pieces and even goes as far as forcing the "EVEN A MOUSE" rule into Jerry's mouth. Jerry swallows it in horror at what is about to happen and is immediately attacked by the enraged Tom. After a few seconds, he reflects on what he is about to do but realises he is better off doing what makes him feel happy ("Gee, I'm throwing away a million dollars. BUT I'M HAPPY!"), then goes back to attacking Jerry.


  • This is one of the few shorts where Tom seemingly wins, since he is happy at the end as he attacks Jerry, even though he loses his chance of earning a million dollars from doing so.
  • Although the smoking in "Texas Tom" has been removed in Boomerang UK airings, the smoking scene in the car in this episode is left intact.

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Tom and Jerry, 14 Episode - The Million Dollar Cat (1944)02:12

Tom and Jerry, 14 Episode - The Million Dollar Cat (1944)

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