The Hypochondriac Lion

The Hypochondriac Lion - City Zoo

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"The Hypochondriac Lion" is the twenty-two episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).



At the City Zoo, Rex, a lion, sustains a splinter in his paw. The keeper offers to extricate the splinter, but Rex insists on a "splinter specialist...2 of 'em! The first one'll want a second opinion, even!" Pet veterinarians Tom and Jerry are called in to "give 1st, 2nd and 3rd aid to the king of beasts." Dr. Tom and Dr. Jerry attempt to simply use tweezers while blindfolding Rex, but he has a fear of the dark! Drs. Tom and Jerry make more tries to pull out the splinter with the use of a rope, an eye chart, and a lioness nurse outfit, but they all backfire. The undaunted docs then provide Rex with a treasure map sending him on a hunt leading to a Grab Bag containing a "million dollars"; during Rex's hunt, Dr. Tom makes even more attempts to relieve the splinter: from a tree, in a hollow stump, and behind a zoo wall. Finally at The Grab Bag, Rex reaches inside and Jerry, hidden within, plucks out the splinter. So impressed is Rex by Drs. Tom and Jerry's work that he tells all his friends, and the 2 docs are inundated with even more animal ailments: an elephant's steady tusk ache, a giraffe's sore throat, and so on. Drs. T&J see this as the perfect opportunity to cut out!



  • The presence of Rex The Lion references the lion which appeared in the 1950 MGM Tom and Jerry theatrical Jerry And The Lion.
  • The talents of John Stephenson and Don Messick are heard throughout this cartoon.
  • Stephenson's vocal interpretations of Rex recalls those of The Cowardly Lion, portrayed by Bert Lahr in The Wizard Of Oz (MGM, 1939).
  • Also, Rex The Lion is a second reference on The New Tom & Jerry Show to the mascot of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Tom and Jerry's distrubutors. A previous reference can be found in 80-04, "No Bones About It."


  • At 6:50 when Rex is telling the animals about the doctors Tom and Jerry, Tom is facing the center instead of looking at Rex.
  • Tom is missing his eyebrows in one scene.