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That's My Pup!

That's My Pup! title

Directed by
Produced by
Story by
William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Music by
Animation by
Distributed by
Release date
April 25, 1953
Color process
Preceded by
Followed by

That's My Pup! is the 76th MGM Tom and Jerry cartoon.


Thus, Tom's instructions are to start climbing the nearest tree once Tyke starts barking, in order to give the little pup some self esteem, but Spike throws him up the tree and falls in a branch in pain. However, Jerry is eavesdropping on the conversation, and both Jerry and Tyke take it in turns to bark at Tom. Tom gets Jerry and whistles, Tyke appears and barks at Tom. No results, Jerry bites Tom's thumb causing him to scream. Tom (who has now had enough of Tyke barking and chasing him) is about to kick Tyke until Spike appears (giving Tom a warning look that he'll do something horrible to Tom if he ends up kicking Tyke), so Tom puts Tyke down and climbs up the tree. Jerry barks at Tom and Tom speeds up. He comes at the tree, with long necked and he escapes. Tyke finds Tom, again. He bites his tail and Tom puts him at the bucket. He hides behind the bush and goes inside. Tom gets a cloth that looks like his tail and ties it into a flagpole. When Tyke bites it, he was sent into the flagpole, while pulling him up, his tongue is out and runs away. Tyke yelps for help until Spike arrives. Spike calls on Tyke to check if he is all right. When Tyke barks for help, he falls down on top of Spike, who he comes to the (obvious) conclusion that Tom is responsible for Tyke as he becomes angry. Spike paints the flagpole with grease and barks at Tom who begins climbing up the flagpole. However, the grease slows him down, causing him to struggle. Spike then allows Tyke to bark in his place while Tom continues trying to climb the flagpole. By nighttime, Tyke is still barking away and Tom is still climbing in fear, while Spike says, "that's my boy doing' that". And Spike is napping at the doghouse and Jerry.


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