Switchin' Kitten


Directed By
Produced by
Story By
Eli Bauer
Gene Deitch
Music By
Animation By
Distributed By
Release Date
September 7, 1961
Color Process
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Switchin' Kitten is a 1961 Tom and Jerry cartoon.


During a storm, Tom is trying to find a place to stay after being thrown out of a horse drawn wagon. In the meantime, Jerry is assisting a mad scientist in a castle. They take an orange cat and strap him to a table next to a dog that is strapped to another table. The mad scientist and Jerry push a number of buttons and controls to switch the brains of the cat and dog, that is, the cat now has a dog's brain and vice versa. The mad scientist gives the "cat" to Jerry as a companion. While they are sleeping, Tom approaches the castle, noticing Jerry. The cat (with dog-brain) growls and threatens Tom. Tom tries to convince the cat the he is a cat, but fails. Over the next few minutes, Tom's efforts to catch Jerry are thwarted by the cat. As Tom runs off in fright, he comes into contact with other animals that the mad scientist has experimented on, including a chirping elephant, a chicken that baas like a lamb, a mooing cuckoo-bird, a dog whose brain was switched with the cat, Tom preys for the cartoon not to end, but Jerry, (who roars rather like the MGM Lion, Leo, complete with the trademark ribbon that reads "Ars Gratia Artis" (Latin for "Art for Art's Sake"), the official motto for the company) Ends it anyway. Tom blasts off like a spacecraft that he is not ever seen again in this cartoon (to have his brain switched) while Jerry winks at the camera as it closes.

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