Starling Enterprise is a US military base owned by Robyn's father and Robyn's nest is also part of the Starling Enterprise.


Tom and Jerry: The Movie

It is first seen when Robyn's father return back to the base after hearing a message from the base that his daughter Robyn Starling has run away and they can't find her. He also receives a terrible news that Pristine Figg and Lickboot has already planted a one million Dollar bounty reward on his daughter and they planted it on every milk carton and immediately boards on his helicopter to go to Robyn's Nest and stop Figg and Lickboot. However when he finally arrives as Figg, Lickboot and Ferdinand sail away on Robyn's boat by accident, seeing Figg and Lickboot has already set the cabin fire. He rescues his daughter, but he is unable to rescue Tom and Jerry and the cabin collapes leaving only half of the stairway and the dock left. When Tom and Jerry are survived and unharmed, Robyn's father then apologizes to his daughter promising not to leave her again and rebuild the cabin. He and his troops then has arrest Figg, Lickboot and Ferdinand for their crimes, destroying Starling Enterprise property and planting a one million Dollar on Robyn. They also removed all the one million Dollar bounty reward on Robyn in every milk carton that Figg and Lickboot planted.


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