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"Spook House Mouse" is the thirty-eight episode of Tom and Jerry Tales. It is directed by Tim Maltby, story by Charles Schneider, teleplay by Richard Pursel and storyboard by Julian Chaney and Dan Kubat.



Tom spots some trash cans and makes a sandwich. However as he was about to eat it, he gets slapped in the head by a beard man with a broom who then yells him to get out of his garbage. Tom flees and sees Jerry holding a hotdog sandwich and catapults Jerry into the air dropping the hotdog sandwich. But Jerry substitute the hotdog with a dynamite stick and Tom swallows it and it explode inside his stomach causing smoke to come out of his ears and the hotdog lands on his head and Jerry catches it and eats it. Tom chases Jerry right into the fun house avoiding some obstacles until they fall into a trapdoor and landed on a cart encountering a ghost who looks like Spike and almost getting hit in the head by a ghost clown with a candy cane and they landed into the distorted mirrors. Frightened at their visions and the ghost appeared at the tracks, their body turn white and flee all the way they came from and finally out of the funhouse. They are then discovered by a carnival worker and asked them for a work and they're become a big hit if they join. They then join along with the clowns along with the beard man (seen earlier at the beginning), while eating milk and cheese.


  • This is the second Tom and Jerry Tales episode that takes place in a theme park.


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