Spaced Out Cat
Season No.
Ep No.

Spaced Out Cat is the twenty-seven episode of Tom and Jerry Tales. It is directed by Douglas McCarthy, written by Eric Donald and Jim Gomez and storyboard by David M. Stephan.



While in the park, Tom sees Toodles Galore. Suddenly, Spike (dressed up in a repo-man mustache and tank tops) shows up on a motorcycle. He steals Tom's girlfriend. Tom (now upset) walks home (where Jerry is). He turns on the radio and finds out that there is a contest going on for Space Race to the moon and will win one and a half billion dollars. Whoever can build a rocket and reach the moon first wins. Tom thinks he can get his girlfriend back by doing this. Jerry gets on board with Tom and the ship malfunctions. It crash lands on the moon. Tom puts up a flag and Jerry eats parts of the moon (thinking it's cheese). Spike runs over Tom's flag with his motorcycle and puts up his flag, but loses Toodles's affection due to his arrogance. Tom and Toodles then kiss.


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