Sorry Safari


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October 18, 1962
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Sorry Safari is a 1962 Tom and Jerry cartoon.


Tom joins his owner on a hunting safari in Kenya. Jerry has hidden himself in the Clint's luggage, and Tom quickly sees him and attempts to get rid of him. His attempts fail, with the added complication that the owner (who does not see Jerry) sees the attempts as bumbling around by Tom. Tom sees Jerry climbing up the behind of an African Bush Elephant and attempts to shoot him, but he falls on the ground and gets stuck in a tree with his nose plopped inside one of the Clint's guns. Tom ends up falling onto the African elephant. Clint Clobber twists the gun around him and shoots it, leaving Tom deaf, Tom cleans his ears to hear the rainforest noises (mostly kookaburas). Jerry gets into Tom's way, Tom attempts to get Jerry, in which he is near the guns. As Tom swifted at Jerry, Clint Clobber turns to him and yells, "DON'T TOUCH MY GUNS!". Tom, frightened, jumps down on the belt of the elephant. Jerry starts unbuckling the belt. Clint Clobber, singing a happy melody (Abb-ah-doo... Tata Ta Ta Ta Da... Dee Doo...) falls down onto the grass. Tom walks up to the red seat, In which Clint Clobber covers Tom with it. Before they reunite with their elephant, they spot a gazelle and zebra running from a ferocious lion. The lion mauled Clint Clobber, as a result, Tom got clobbered. Clint and Tom are spotted by a purple rhino with a horn, they get charged, then all three of them get tied on a stick by the Clint's elephant  and a triumphed Jerry, who smiles and waves goodbye to the audience.


  • Clint Clobber: THAT'S MY GUN!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!
  • Clint Clobber: DON'T TOUCH MY GUNS!!!


  • This is the last appearance of Clint Clobber.
  • This is the only short where Clint gets his comeuppance in the end. This is also only short where Clint never ties up Tom in order to keep him out of trouble.

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