Sleepy-Time Tom

Sleepy-Time Tom

Directed by
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Story by
William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
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Release date
May 26, 1951
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Sleepy-Time Tom is a 1951 Tom and Jerry cartoon.


Tom and his cat friends—Butch, Lightning, and Meathead—are singing loudly in the middle of the night. The cats drop Tom off at home; he is now very tired. He climbs up onto the window ledge. Mammy Two Shoes (voiced by Lillian Randolph) chastises Tom for leaving her to take over his job of keeping Jerry out of the refrigerator while he was out partying all night. Tom goes to the kitchen and nearly falls asleep, until Mammy warns him that he will be kicked out of the house if she catches him sleeping. Jerry hears Mammy's warnings and decides to make things difficult for Tom, encouraging the cat to fall asleep in order to get him thrown out.

Tom ends up drinking loads of coffee to keep himself alert. Even after drinking from the whole pot, Tom still falls asleep until Mammy asks him Was you sleeping?. Tom shakes his head, Tom continues to try everything to stay awake. Tom cunningly paints yellow circles on his eyelids to give the illusion that he is awake though his eyes are closed and he is sleeping. Mammy is led to believe that Tom is awake, but Jerry sees through Tom's ploy, Jerry decides to rips off part of Tom's fur. The cat is immediately woken and chases after Jerry, but Jerry has made signs (which resemble the popular Burma-Shave road signs), Tom stops to read them: Are you sleepy? Want a bed? Solid comfort - straight ahead.

Jerry's signs lead Tom to Mammy's bedroom, where Tom falls asleep. Jerry watches as an unsuspecting Mammy sees Tom on her bed, and violently throws Tom out of the house. Tom crashes into a fence, but soon falls asleep once again with brick as a pillow since he is too tired to care. Around the corner come Tom's friends, then upon spotting Tom having dozed off they pick him up and tug him along with them through the alleyway, singing in the moonlight once again whilst they are leaving.


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Sleepy-Time Tom Tom & Jerry Cartoon World

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