Sir Girard
Sir Girard.jpg
Species Human
Gender Male
Debut appearance The Two Mouseketeers
Voiced by Francoise Brun-Cottan.
Friends Tom Cat
Enemies/Rivals Jerry Mouse
Relatives Tom Cat
Skin Colour White
Loses/Defeated in None
Wins/Triumphs 1

The Sir Girard is a minor character featured in the Award Winning episode, "The Two Mouseketeers".


In some of the mouseketeer series of cartoons, Tom serves the king of France. This is an obvious reference to Louis XVI of France, who is shown as an extremely short-tempered and cruel monarch that has no patience for tom's failure and mistakes of catching Jerry. In The Two Mouseketeers, the king guillotines Tom while in Royal Cat Nap, he orders for Tom's decapitation.

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