Robyn's Nest is the place where Robyn Starling and his father go every summer and where their cabin is also located and it is also part of the "Starling Enterprise" property. Until the cabin was destroyed by Pristine Figg and Lickboot when they accidentally knocked an oil lamp, which left only half of the stairway and dock. It is later rebuilt by Robyn's father, who had Lickboot, Figg, Applecheek, Kiddie, Squawk, the Straycatchers and Ferdinand arrested for their crimes.


Tom and Jerry: The Movie

It is first seen during Robyn's flashback while she and her father are having a vacation there, and watching the rain from the cabin's balcony. Robyn mentions this to Tom and Jerry shortly after escaping from Captain Kiddie's carnival.

The cabin was later destroyed by Pristine Figg and Lickboot by accident leaving only the half of the stairway and the dock left untouched and is later rebuilt by Robyn's father who has arrested Lickboot and his henchmen for planting the bounty reward on Robyn and destroying Starling Enterprise property.


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