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Red is a character who appears in Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes, Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse and Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure. The idea for her character came from Red Hot Riding Hood. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle-Griffin. A character similar to her with blond hair appeared in Tom and Jerry Tales, voiced by Nicole Bouma named Miss Shapely.


Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes

Red works in a low class bar, entertaining the people who come for a drink. Jerry Mouse develops a crush, along with Dr. Watson, on Red. Her stage out fit consists of a short, pleated, sleeveless, pink dress, pink gloves, a white feathered hat, high heels and a pink Parasol. She is very nice to Tom and Jerry. She was suggested to have Sherlock Holmes solve her mystery by a family friend who turned out to be the evil Professor Moriarty. It's also mentioned that she's engaged.

Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse

Red appears as Maid Marion in the film.

Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure

Red appear as Red Fairy in the film.



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