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Red appears in Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes. The idea for her character came from Red Hot Riding Hood. Red works in a low class bar, entertaining the people who come for a drink. Jerry Mouse develops a crush, along with Dr. Watson, on Red. Her stage out fit consists of a short, pleated, sleeveless, pink dress, pink gloves, a white feathered hat, high heels and a pink Parasol. She is very nice to Tom and Jerry. She was suggested to have Sherlock Holmes solve her mystery by a family friend who turned out to be the evil Professor Moriarty. It's also mentioned that she's engaged. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle-Griffin. A character similar to her with blond hair appeared in Tom and Jerry Tales, voiced by Nicole Bouma.


She was created by Tex Avery in the origianl MGM cartoons.

Red at her house with the famous detective, Watson, Tom and Jerry

IMG 2111

Red's stage outfit

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