Puggsy is a dog who lost his home when his owners moved and got accidentally left behind two years. He only appeared in Tom and Jerry: The Movie. He was voiced by the late Ed Gilbert.


Puggsy is a large brown dog with darker ears and eyebrows and eyes. He wears a blue hat and a blue shirt. Around his neck is a lilac scarf.


Puggsy is a cheery animal. It is shown he praises life, as, despite not having a proper home, he still lives happily with Frankie DaFlea, his best friend. Together, they sing "Friends To The End".


Tom and Jerry: The Movie

Puggsy was first seen in the alley meeting Tom and Jerry who we're been abandoned by their owner and their house being demolished by a demolition crew. He introduces himself to them and to Frankie DaFlea. He teaches them how to be friends and sing together "Friends To The End". After finishing singing the song, he decides to give Tom and Jerry to eat, but he and Frankie are captured by the Straycatchers led by Dr. Applecheeks and brings them to his house.

Puggsy and Frankie meets Tom and Jerry again having brought to Dr. Applecheeks by Pristine Figg. Tom and Jerry explains to Puggsy that they met Robyn Starling and her father is still alive which he asked what they are talking about. Tom and Jerry tells him that they need to get out and help her and Puggsy tells them to get to the control panel and press all of the buttons and Jerry was able to get out and freeing Tom, Puggsy, Frankie and all of the captive dogs. Puggsy orders all of the dogs and Tom and Jerry to run knocking Dr. Applecheeks and the straycatchers out in the process. Puggsy tells Tom and Jerry to find Robyn and bring some news which they did and proudly watch Tom and Jerry leaving to find Robyn.

Puggsy was not seen afterwards until he and Frankie appear near the end of the film riding on a train seeing Tom and Jerry in the newspaper. He says that Tom and Jerry saved Robyn and Figg, Lickboot and Ferdinand being arrested by Robyn's father for their crimes and planting a one million dollar bounty reward on Robyn. He was impress that Tom and Jerry are getting along after all. However, unknown to him, Tom reverted back to where he was and had forgotten what he told him earlier and he and Jerry run happily around the house.


  • Puggsy and Tom Cat are the only characters in the movie that got left behind with their owners.
  • Puggsy's voice actor, Ed Gilbert, was also the voice actor for Robyn's father in the movie.