Pest in the West title (Tom & Jerry Kids)

"Pest in the West" is a episode of Tom & Jerry Kids written by Patrick A. Ventura.



The story starts at Lazy Kat Ranch, where Tom, the ranch's proprietor is cooking soup in the kitchen and takes a pie out of the oven. meanwhile, somewhere in the desert, Slowpoke Antonio and His cousin Jerry riding on a stage coach's axle as Slowpoke sings badly. but Their ride ends when the wagon hits a bump, making the two fall off, and forcing them to walk through the desert. along the way, They discover Tom's Ranch as Slowpoke tries to lasso some food, but snares Tom, as He's done cooling the pie. but when Slowpoke realizes He snared Tom, the kitten after freeing Himself of the lasso, retaliates by grabbing the mice, bonking their heads, goes in a jeep, and stuffs them in a mail bag next to a train station, where a train speeds by and takes them away. as Tom returns to the ranch, He sees Slowpoke and Jerry eating the pie, as Slowpoke says that the Pie tastes delicious, and suggests some buttermilk. Tom however grabs Slowpoke, pulls His nose, and stows Him in a teapot as Jerry is being pursued. however, Slowpoke snares Tom's legs, and pulls Him through the Teapot, as He threatens the kitten, not to cause any problems as Slowpoke lassos Tom out.

As Slowpoke was about to lasso a turkey, Tom however, grabs the turkey. but is thrown in the oven, through the stove, and into a bin of water, which breaks apart. Tom not wanting to give up, as Slowpoke and Jerry took the turkey, picks up a branding iron that says "LK" for "Lazy Kat" and goes after them. Slowpoke spots Tom as Jerry drops the turkey and gets Slowpoke out of harm's way to a barn. Tom did hits something with the iron, and it's a bull's right thigh. the Bull becomes angry as it attacks Tom into a water silo.

as Slowpoke and Jerry move on, Tom hiding under a cactus, grabs the two and stuffs them in a barrel, and traps them inside. of course, Slowpoke tosses His lasso at Tom through the barrel's hole. Tom runs away and tried to escape the lasso, and goes inside the ranch building and baricades the door. as the lasso tried unsuccessfully to break down the door. and as Tom thought He was safe, the lasso opens a window and snares Tom's leg into the barrel and the three come out of the barrel with Tom hogtied in 16.6 and seven-eighths of a second. at a barn as Jerry and Slowpoke enjoy a hoagie sandwich, Slowpoke spots Tom and places an animal's tail in the hoagie, and just as Tom was about to deal with the mice, Slowpoke offers the sandwich to Tom, but the second Tom bites down, a loud 'moo' was heard, which was from a bull. and sees Tom biting down on the bull's tail. seeking revenge, the Bull mercilessly attacks Tom. but as Tom was pursued by the bull, the bull tramples down where Slowpoke and Jerry's bale was. Slowpoke getting angry snares Tom and the bull in six seconds' time. and as Jerry and Slowpoke ride off on a wagon, Slowpoke sings a tune as Jerry plugs His ears from His cousin's horrendous singing.



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