Of Feline Bondage
Directed By
Chuck Jones
Produced by
Chuck Jones
Story By
Don Towsley
Chuck Jones
Music By
Eugene Poddany
Animation By
Ben Washam
Ken Harris
Don Towsley
Tom Ray
Dick Thompson
Distributed By
Release Date
August 2, 1965
Color Process
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Of Feline Bondage is a Tom and Jerry 1965 cartoon directed and produced by Chuck Jones. In this episode, Jerry gains an invisible-powered potion by his fairy godmother to get revenge on Tom.

The name is a reference to the 1915 novel and the 1964 film Of Human Bondage.


Jerry is running through a pool hall and runs into a can that Tom holds out. Tom begins shaking the can and laughs evilly then he tips Jerry out against the wall making him cubed-shaped. Jerry is then running along near one of the pool tables and runs up a pool cue placed by Tom and onto a cue ball on one of the tables. Tom breaks by shooting the cue ball into the rack and Jerry gets bopped on the head by the cue ball. Then, the 8-ball lands right next to the mouse and it follows Jerry off the table and into his hole where it squishes Jerry flat. Jerry shrugs in misery until his fairy godmother visits him. Jerry acts out the situation with Tom and she gives Jerry a bottle of potion. Jerry thanks her and pokes his head out his hole, where he sees cheese attached to a fishing pole weld by Tom. Jerry drinks the potion and turns invisble. He takes the cheese and gets Tom to twist his face in wonder. Jerry swipes the fishing line and pulls Tom's nose and ears backwards, ties Tom's tail, and generally keeps the cat prisoner while the invisble mouse gets some scissors. Seeing the scissors snipping in his direction, Tom panics and runs up the stairs at the speed of a race car. The scissors barely missing his tail.

Tom then hides behind a trunk, panting hard. He then pokes his head out and gets his whiskers cut off. Jerry then steps with the scissors and cuts off some of Tom's head hair. Tom flees down the stairs at even greater speed and falls into a vase. Jerry then clips his tail giving it a fir tree impression. He then cuts off most of Tom's chest fur. The vase breaks and revealed Tom's horrid look-Tom has fur shorts and a vest. Jerry laughs, holding the scissors, but soon reappears Tom holds out a mirror and Jerry slows down laughing. Then Tom cuts Jerry's fur making his fur look like a bikini. Then they both laugh at each other's looks.


  • This episode is similar to The Invisible Mouse.
  • Tom Cuts Jerry's Fur into a Bikini is Removed in Welsh dub. Due to inappropriate.

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