No Bones About It

Polices in County Museum

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"No Bones About It" is the fourth episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).



Tom and Jerry set out in search of a priceless toe bone missing from a priceless dinosaur in a museum where they work. Then, they spot Spike carrying a bone in his jaws; figuring it's the missing dinosaur bone, they try every method of retrieving the bone from him: coaxing him with a steak, lifting him up with a jack, scaring the dog with a cardboard cutout of a lion, and tunneling underground. They finally seize the bone and race back to the museum with it, only to find out from their boss that he had the original bone cleaned and forgot all about it! Feeling falsely accused, Tom has Jerry yank out a bone from the dinosaur, causing the entire skeleton to come crumbling down--and T&J to lose their jobs. Nonetheless, the cat and mouse leave victoriously--and are set upon by the vengeful Spike!

Trivia & Notes

  • This cartoon's plotline closely resembles that of the 1938 RKO Cary Grant/Katharine Hepburn comedy Bringing Up Baby.
  • Don Messick assumes the reins as the voice of Spike for the first time. He will remain Spike's voice for the better part of his appearances on New Tom & Jerry.
  • Whereas in the debut telecast the first 3 New T&J cartoons were run in reverse production order, these next three were presented in original production sequence for the second episode.
  • In the scene where T&J use the cutout of the lion to frighten Spike, Jerry is seen to roar! This is reminiscent of a climax of the 1946 MGM T&J short The Milky Waif, which marked the debut of Nibbles/Tuffy.
  • Also, the cutout of the lion is an allusion to the beloved mascot of Tom and Jerry's distributors, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
  • Some scenes in this cartoon were animated by the late Kenneth Lee Muse, legendary animator who previously worked on the original MGM Tom and Jerry theatrical cartoons and was known throughout the business for his drawing speed and prolific output. Other New Tom & Jerry cartoons whose scenes bear Ken Muse's stamp are "Beach Bully", "Mammoth Manhunt" (80-07), "Robin Ho Ho" (80-10), "The Super Bowler" (80-11), "Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse" (80-15), "Grim and Bear It" (80-16), "The Hypochondriac Lion" (80-23), "See Dr. Jackal and Hide" (80-35), "Hold That Pose" (80-38), "The Bull Fighters" (80-41), "The Campout Cutup" (80-45), and "The Great Motorboat Race" (80-48).


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