Mr. Sheboygan

Mr. Sheboygan is the owner and manager of a studio known as Sheboygan Records, Inc., who appears in "Two Stepping Tom" from the Tom & Jerry Kids. His employees include a receptionist who closely resembles Miss Vavoom, but wears glasses.

Appearance and Personality

Mr. Sheboygan is a tall, rotund caucasian man who has brown hair on the sides and rear, and is bald on top of his head. He wears a violet T-shirt, a red beret, white pants, a brown belt buckle with a silver prong, three golden necklaces, and violet and white sneakers. His goal is to hire cats such as Tom to help get rid of mice such as Jerry, because an elephant performer named Tundo is afraid of mice and will react by jumping from the stage to the ceiling.


  • His last name "Sheboygan" (although his first and middle names were never given) is derived from the name of a city in Wisconsin, although the series primarily takes place in California where Hanna-Barbera's headquarters were located, before the Hanna-Barbera studio was taken over by Cartoon Network Studios in 2001, and Warner Bros. acquired the rights to the pre-Cartoon Network projects.


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