Misty is a character who appears in The Tom and Jerry Show (2014), she is a female cat who is also the love interest of Tom Cat.

Misty first appeared in, "Cat Napped" in her first appearance it was shown that she tells Tom and Jerry she was not Catnapped but was just hanging out in the pool which was bring by her owner.


Misty is a white cat with pink ears, a red ribbon around her neck, and violet eye shadow.


  • She is perfect for Tom, as a couple. Because she looks like, more at older age than Toodles.
  • She adores, her beauty inside and out.
  • It is unknown, whats the name of her owners but she just said 'owners' in her debut.


Tom Cat

As shown in the episode, "Cat Napped" Tom and Misty first encountered in the window then talked each other already. And at the end, of her first appearance she kissed Tom in the cheek showing that they are love interests (or otherwise, girlfriend and boyfriend).