Mechano is the main antagonist of the Tom and Jerry cartoon "Push-Button Kitty".


Mechano first appears when Tom is sleeping on his bed. Mammy Two Shoes, Tom's owner, smugly tells Tom after getting a package in the mail that Mechano, a mechanical cat that has a cannon, axe, hammer, tennis ball-hitter, and a mouth that holds a cardboard pillow, is taking Tom's job as mouse catcher. Tom sadly leaves while Mammy Two Shoes smugly tells him "Maybe you can find an old fashion house that needs an old fashion cat!" She tells Mechano to "Keep that mouse (Jerry) out of the house" and she leaves while Jerry attempts to get to his mouse hole but Mechano senses Jerry and hits Jerry with its tennis-ball-hitter and hits Jerry out the window. Jery then attempts to use a hose to get to his hole but Mechano senses Jerry still and chops the hose with its axe and knocks Jerry out of the house. Jerry then attempts to use a sling-shot to get to his hole but Mechano senses Jerry very still and uses its cardboard pillow and shoots Jerry out of the house. Jerry then buys some wind-up-mice and uses them to make Mechano sense them and mess up the house. It succeeds and Mechano dies down when its body parts break off.


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