Jerry's Diary

Jerrys Diary

Directed by
Produced by
Story by
William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Music by
Animation by
Distributed by
Release date
October 22, 1949
Color process
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Jerry's Diary is a 1949 Tom and Jerry cartoon.



Tom places a bunch of traps in front of Jerry's mouse hole. He raises a cleaver over the hole and is stopped by a talking radio. The announcer Uncle Dudley tells him it is "Be kind to Animals" week. He removes the traps he just set up and returns with flowers, a present and a cake with, "To Jerry with Love" note on it. Tom knocks on the wall but there is no answer. Tom removes the grate on the wall and sees that Jerry is not at home. But he does see his diary. Tom reaches in, grabs it, and starts to read it. The first entry dates on Sunday, April 5, when Tom used Jerry as a Tee when he played golf. The scene from Tee for Two opens, where Tom uses Jerry as a tee. Tom searches for his golf ball; unknown to him, Jerry has the golf ball. Tom then washes Jerry in a ball cleaner. Tom is laughing while reminding this scene. But after reading the next part of the entry, Jerry is forced to hold the tee. Tom hits the golf ball which ricochets on a rock and the ball shatters all his teeth like glass. Tom's mood goes down and he turns to another entry. The next entry dates on Thursday, May 12, when Jerry got curious about Tom and it almost got him caught. The scene from Mouse Trouble opens, where Tom is reading a book and guffawing. Jerry comes out of his mouse hole, curious about why Tom is laughing. Tom keeps turning the book away and laughing again. Tom finally traps Jerry, takes him out, and then Jerry uses a similar trick and punches Tom in the eye. Tom gets angry from what he has read and throws away the flowers. He turns to another entry which dates on Monday, June 3, when Jerry got Tom into two nasty surprises in a chase. The scene from Solid Serenade opens, where Jerry is being chased and he dives into the kitchen sink, then he drains the sink forcing Tom to crash into a pile of plates. Jerry traps Tom's neck in a window, causing Tom to scream like a New Year's Eve blow horn.

Tom is enraged at what Jerry has written about him and he destroys Jerry's present (which appears to be a box of chocolates). He is just about to throw the diary away when he opens it again and reads one more entry dating Saturday, July 4, when Tom and Jerry fought using firecrackers. The scene from The Yankee Doodle Mouse opens, where Tom and Jerry fight over a firecracker. Just then,explosion occurs on Tom. Tom traps Jerry in a teapot with a firecracker, which mysteriously goes out. Jerry escapes. Tom looks inside the teapot, ending with the firecracker blowing up in Tom's head with Tom appearing in a blackface sunflower.

Tom then rips Jerry's diary to pieces and Jerry comes home. He is happy to see that Tom has baked him a pie. Jerry points at the pie and then points to himself asking if the pie is for him. Tom is just about to grab Jerry but Uncle Dudley, via the radio, stops him again. "And now before your old Uncle Dudley says goodbye, did you get a nice little surprise for your animal friend?" Tom picks up the pie with a devilish smile. "You did? Well let him have it." At the end of the cartoon, Tom throws the pie on Jerry while he fishes out his hands, then Jerry who is rather dazed looks into the camera and shrugs his shoulders.

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