Invasion of the Mouse Snatchers

Invasion of the Mouse Snatchers

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"Invasion of the Mouse Snatchers" is the tenth episode of The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show. It is when Tom gets sick of getting outsmarted by Jerry, so he dresses up as an alien and makes Jerry his slave. But after Jerry figured out the "alien's" true identy, he gets revenge by his "secret weapon".



After being outsmarted again by Jerry, Tom sees that in Jerry's mousehole, it is a space themed mousehole. So the cat dresses up as an alien to get the best out of Jerry. He puts a fake flying saucer on the window and then Jerry sees the flying saucer, and Tom (dressed up as an alien) comes in and explains that he is goining to destroy the earth by pressing a button. After many buttons, Jerry gets tired and he is forced to be his slave. The things that the cat did to him was:

1. Clean the dishes

2. Vaccum the floor

3. Pick out a cherry

Then after the mouse picking cherries, Tom pies Jerry. However, while he was laughing, his mask came off revealing his true identy. Then, Jerry gets angry and goes back to his mousehole and calls his mouse group. Then, a huge mouse (which is really the mouse group) forces Tom to put all the cherries back on the tree, and Jerry chops down the tree and Tom gets pied as the episode ends.



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