Invasion of the Body Slammers title

"Invasion of the Body Slammers" is a episode of Tom and Jerry Tales directed by TJ House, written by Christoper Painter and storyboard by Neal Sternecky, Nondas Korodimos and Akis Dimitrakopoulos.



A mysterious space ship lands on the garden next to Tom's, Jerry's and Mrs. Two Shoes' home. Jerry hears the crash and goes to check it out. A mysterious shape-shifting blob appears and becomes Jerry's double. Tom wakes up and tries to get the faux Jerry. Tom tries to wake up Mrs. Two Shoes, but she instead kicks him downstairs. Tom becomes scared. The blob then becomes Tom's double. Tom runs away to the space ship. Jerry joins Tom and both Tom and Jerry fly into outer space. Mrs. Two-Shoes angrily scolds "Tom", who grins creepily. The blob rather looks like a John K. design, particularly when smiling ending horror.


  • It has strong references to Courage the Cowardly Dog.


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