Hold That Pose

Hold That Pose - Tom and Jerry in the Amazon River

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"Hold That Pose" is the thirty-five episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).



Safari photographers Tom and Jerry probe the jungle and encounter alligators, wild boars, eagles, man-eating flowers and leopards as they set out in search for the rare, never-before-photographed, fuzzy-feathered Pip Squaker bird. They manage to trap the shy bird with a carrot (a Pip Squaker's favorite food) and finally succeed in getting a shot. The Pip Squaker apparently likes what he sees, and wants another picture, but one is enough for our intrepid duo. T&J receive a hero's welcome by the mayor, as well as a hefty reward for being the only ones to see and photograph the rare Pip Squaker, when suddenly, 1,000 Pip Squakers fly in from all parts of the world to have their picture taken!


  • This episode shares its title with a November 3, 1950 Walt Disney short featuring Goofy.
  • This is probably the most-watched and popular New Tom & Jerry cartoon.
  • This is one of 7 New Tom & Jerry cartoons narrated by John Stephenson, who also voiced Tom & Jerry; others are "The Wacky World Of Sports," "The Tennis Menace," "The Super Cyclists," "Chickenrella," "The Great Motorboat Race," and the next, "The Supercape Caper."
  • The Pip Squaker is still seen holding the carrot set up by Tom & Jerry, despite having already eaten it!


  • In the scene where T&J finally snaps a photo of The Pip Squaker, John says, "You did it! The never-before fuzzy-feathered Pip Squaker has just been photographed!" Notice that he didn't say, "never-before photographed fuzzy-feathered Pip Squaker"!


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