High Steaks
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March 3, 1961
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High Steaks is a 1962 Tom and Jerry cartoon. The name is a pun on the term "high stakes", where a risk in a situation leads to a higher chance of either gaining or losing an advantage.


Tom's owner, Clint Clobber, is grilling steaks in his backyard. The steak's scent reaches Jerry, who is aroused by it and is led to the steak. He then tries to eat it but is captured by Tom, who uses his grill fork to catapult him back into the house. Jerry then returns to retrieve the steak, and encounters Tom once more. Tom and Jerry make it become a battle of paladin. Tom tries to stab jerry with the fork, but jerry slides down, and tom stabbed into the Clint's butt. After the Tom's salute, Clint angerly burns Tom's head made his head flat as a waffle.

Jerry next hides in a shuttlecock and tries to sneak onto the table, but Tom hits him with a racket. The shuttlecock gets caught in the net and rebounds into Clint's mouth. Angry and red-faced, he breaks the racket over Tom's head and walks away. The racket flips over for a few seconds to hit him again. Tom then tries to stop Jerry from opening a freshly shaken #1 bottle of Coca-Cola, but he is too late; the soda ruins one of Clint's steaks, so Tom gets punished by gulping down the #2 shaken bottle and swallowing it makes him look a like a bottle much to Jerry's humor. 

Once Tom recovers, chases Jerry across the yard only to get distracted by the smell of steak on the grill. Jerry secretly put Tom's tail on the grill and his tail is now trapped in the grill. Tom tried to pull it out but the pain causes him to run out with his tail hooked on the grill, and knock Clint along with his food. Tom dives into the swimming pool to cool off, but when he tries to get out he goes back in the water due to the grill's weight. Clint, already tired too much of many problems with Tom, fishes him out of the pool and clobbered off screen while Jerry hides under the picnic table and covered his eyes with his hat. After the clobbering is done Jerry sees Clint then ties Tom to a lounge chair so Tom stay out of trouble. Jerry hooks the chair to the rear bumper of a passing car at a stop light just before the car drives away, taking Tom and the chair with it. Finally, Clint goes back to his grilling in peace, and Jerry reaches the table and starts eating one of the steaks.


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