Gopher Broke

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"Gopher Broke" is the eleven episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).



Tom and Jerry have planted a garden and are about to pick some vegetables for lunch. As they water the lettuce it is sucked under the earth by a hungry gopher. Tom and Jerry decide to combine forces to exterminate the underground pest. At first, they attempt to flush him out of his hutch with a garden hose, but the gopher emerges in a small bathtub! The duo chase the gopher to Spike's doghouse, where they unwittingly disturb the bulldog from his slumber. Grinning, Tom and Jerry restore Spike's personal effects and rock him back to sleep. Tom and Jerry then employ the use of a seesaw, Karate, a gold-detecting device set to track gophers, a do-it-yourself fake gopher hole, and Gopher Go Rodent Remove repellant spray, none of which proves to be a big success. Little by little the whole garden disappears as Spike, Tom and Jerry chase the teasing gopher around the garden, until finally Tom and Jerry manages to save one measly beet, which they divide between each other--until the gopher comes up through the bowl and swipes it! The gopher eats the turnip at the end when Tom, Jerry, and the dog end up chasing all over the yard looking for the him.

Trivia & Notes

  • A remake of the 1950 MGM animated short Garden Gopher.
  • The gopher emits the same chuckle as Jerry in one scene.
  • Jerry previously partook in a karate match with Tom in "The Wacky World of Sports." The karate robe he uses (the same one he donned in "The Wacky World Of Sports") is identical to that of Hong Kong Phooey (ABC, 1974-76). (Repeats of Hong Kong Phooey preceded The New Tom & Jerry/Grape Ape Show on ABC Saturday Morning in 1975-76.)
  • Tom's use of a bowling ball here foreshadows the very next episode, "The Super Bowler."
  • An unused segue from "Gopher Broke" finds a dejected Tom & Jerry finally buying salad ingredients, but as they sit down to eat, the gopher pops up again and steals their store-bought salad.
  • The scene of Spike, Tom and Jerry seated down to share the turnip recalls a similar caper in the 1948 MGM Tom and Jerry short, The Truce Hurts.
  • Check out the sequel, Episode #80-39, "Son of Gopher Broke."