God's Little Creatures is the theme song of Dr. Applecheeks in Tom and Jerry: The Movie.


God's little creatures
With sweet and furry features
Four-legged friends I would go to the ends of the Earth to protect
My best friends are animals
Their best friend is me
And it pains me to see any signs of neglect
God's little creatures
They have so much to teach us
Men like myself put our lives on the shelf to be kind to our pets
My whole life is animals
From morning til night
I pity their plight, but I have no REGRETS!
Here boys, take good care of them (laughs)
Yes animals are business
A money making business
I kidnap, buy, and sell them
For their owner's up and tell them
I make outrageous noodles
From peets and pounds and poodles
10 Grand a Day
Those rich old fools will pay
To find their precious poochies
With collars made at Gucci's
Devotion to dumb animals
Is no dumb gig
I love God's little creatures
Because the income's so darn big

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