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"Fire Breathing Tom Cat" is the nineteenth episode of Tom and Jerry Tales. It is directed by Douglas McCarthy, story by Earl Kress and Richard Pursel, teleplay by Earl Kress and storyboard by David M. Stephan.



The King sends Sir Tom on a quest to slay the fire-breathing dragon, but Jerry gets in the way by waking the dragon up from its nap. The dragon swallows Tom whole but coughs him up when the cat suddenly gets a hold of the dragon's flame and breathes fire whilst inside the dragon's tummy.

After being spat out, Tom kicks the dragon in the shins and spews fire at the dragon, driving the creature out of the cave. Then, the cat turns his attention towards Jerry before chasing the mouse out of the cave and up the tree, but this does not discourage Tom. With one breath of Fire, the tree is disintigrated, and down comes Jerry, plummeting straight into Tom's mouth. Tom swallows Jerry in one single gulp, but spits out the mouse shortly after.


  • A two-minute clip from the episode released to Boomerang UK's YouTube channel has above 58 million views as of July 2017, by far the most popular video on both the Boomerang and Cartoon Network channels, having 43 million views more than a clip from Steven Universe ​uploaded by Cartoon Network (the most popular video on that channel). The reason for the copious amount of views is unknown.


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