File:Dr. Applecheek's house.jpg

Dr. Applecheek's house is the house where Dr. Applecheek and the Straycatchers live. It has a secret cell in the basement where lost animals are been held. It also has a backyard hut and a bird bathtub.


Tom and Jerry: The Movie

Dr. Applecheek's house was first shown when Pristine Figg arrives carrying Tom and Jerry. Dr. Applecheek brings Tom and Jerry into one of his cells and later receives a letter from Figg planning to kill Tom and Jerry. Tom and Jerry reunite with Puggsy and Frankie DaFlea who were captured earlier by the Straycatchers and they need to plan to get out and rescue Robyn and informed her father still alive. Jerry manages to get out of the cage and frees them knocking Dr. Applecheek and the Straycatchers out in the process. It is unknown what happened to the house after Dr. Applecheek and the Straycatchers being arrested by Robyn's father for their involvement of the one million Dollar bounty reward on Robyn engineered by Figg and Lickboot.

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