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Cruise Kitty - Cruise ship on board

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"Cruise Kitty" is the fourty-five episode of The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).



On an cruise liner en route to Hawaii, the Captain places mascot Spike in charge of security and gives him a whistle to blow whenever he spots something suspicious. Tom and Jerry become unexpected stowaways on the ship, and when Spike sees them in the 1st class section, playing shuffleboard, in the captain's foot locker, and in the kitchen, he blows his whistle to alert the Captain, but is unable to prove his findings! As the Captain attempts to ease his ship into port at Hawaii, Spike successfully lures T&J into a trap and contacts his Captain by phone and blowing his whistle into it; so startled is Captain by the whistle he accidentally throws the ship into gear and crashes it into a wharf! This proves to be the final straw for The Captain, who tosses Spike into the brig to avoid more harm. As Captain enjoys leisure time waterskiing, Spike spots Tom and Jerry on a catamaran and blows his whistle once more, which sends Captain leaping up onto T&J's catamaran. He then offers T&J jobs on his cruise ship, because "the one I have now is whistle-happy!"


  • Influenced by the 1952 MGM T&J classic Cruise Cat.
  • Don Messick returns to voice Spike in his final appearance on the show.
  • For the second time on the series Spike is put in charge of security, following his brief watchdog stint in #80-12, "Watch Out, Watch Dog."
  • Tom speaks once more, saying "Mmmm! Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum!"
  • Tom & Jerry previously stowed away in Episode #80-03, "No Way Stowaways."


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