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Cousin George
Char 44921
Species Cat
Gender Male
Debut appearance Timid Tabby
Voiced by Unknown
Friends Tom
Enemies/Rivals Jerry
Relatives Tom (Cousin)
Skin Colour Grey
Loses/Defeated in None
Wins/Triumphs Timid Tabby
George is Tom's musophobic cousin. George looks identical to Tom except for the fact that he can talk and that he, rather ironically, has a fear of mice. George's only appearance so far was in Timid TabbyJerry couldn't tell the difference between him and Tom because of their similarities. This makes the two cousins win easily.


He first appears when Tom opens the door to his house and finds George standing on a chair, afraid there could a mouse around. He later finds Jerry when he takes a jellybean that Jerry was holding. But in the end of Timid Tabby, George appears to get over his fear of mice, as he and Tom scared Jerry out of Tom's house.


Cousin George is a cat who is always afraid of mice.



  • In the Tom and Jerry Kids Show, a cat named Tim originally had the same fear as George, but Tim pretended he wasn't scared of mice, in contrast to George.
  • He is the complete contrast of Jerry's cousin Muscles Mouse.


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