This article is about the transcript of the Tom and Jerry Tales episode "Cat Got Your Luggage?".

  • Hotel Manager: Hey! What's this?! My fruit basket ruined! My flowererangment! and my beautiful fountain! Who's responsible of this mess?

  • Hotel Guest#1: Hey! You're wearing my tie!
  • Hotel Guest#2: Hey! That's my dress!
  • Todder Boy: Give me back my diaper! This suit chases my bottom!
  • Hotel Guest#3: (Points to Tom) There's that bellboy who gave us our bags! He must have mixed up our clothes!" (They grab Tom and beat him)

  • Tom: (Babbling) (Points to Jerry)
  • Hotel Manager: Huh? A rodent?! Hey! There's no vermit in these estashments! Okay, cat. I got a new job for you. Get that mouse out of my hotel!

  • Hotel Manager: Hey you! Get back here! I'm putting in charge of completely dry this mess up!

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