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Calypso Cat is a 1962 Tom and Jerry cartoon.


While chasing Jerry around a dock Tom sees and instantly falls in love with a female cat. The female cat appears to return Tom's interest, so Tom sneaks aboard the ship the female cat and her owner have just boarded. Jerry follows Tom onto the boat and proceeds to interfere with Tom's subsequent flirtations. By the time the ship arrives at its destination (a Carribean island), the female cat and Tom have made amends, but a local cat (Calypso cat) playing the steel drum spots the female cat and becomes smitten with her. Tom becomes jealous, especially when the female cat appears to return Calypso cat's affections;at the minute,Tom gives the Persian cat a tray of refreshments,the mouse intends to give trouble by booting the bench the female cat's sitting on as she begins to enjoy the refreshments on the tray.Then the Persian cat gets annoyed and bangs the tray onto Tom's head that it turns the shape of a bell.Now the Persian cat plans on ignoring Tom,but Tom decides to certify her with something else.Just then,the second trouble Jerry is trying to give is to put a boquet of flowers in a fire hose's water spraying space and switches on the water tap so that once Tom gives it to the female cat,water will definitely splash on her cheeks while she was smelling the boquet of flowers.Not long later, after the Persian cat gets splashed into a ship pipe and her bow tie is tied onto her lips she smacks Tom on the part below the mouth.The cat's mouth grows slihtly long right after being smacked by the female cat,then Tom makes it back to normal.He dashes after the female cat down the steps at the edge of the ship;she seems to be paying no attention to him.Tom holds the Persian cat's hand trying a reason to get along with her but she continues to leave apart. Jerry tricks Calypso cat into assaulting Tom by hitting the steel drum with a stone (Calypso cat thought Tom had kicked it). Obviously, Tom retaliates and the two start to fight each other, using the drums sticks and steel drum as weapons. Tom loses the fight, and Calypso Musician cat proceeds to walk off, accompanied by the female cat. Jerry then sets Tom's feet on fire to get his attention, and Tom, now realizing Jerry sabotaged his potential relationship, proceeds to chase Jerry back onto the ship in a crazed fury. The ship arrives back at the dock where it had been at the start, and the chase continues on the dock. Despite being chased by Tom, Jerry is smiling through the camera for the closing as if it was all worth it.

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